Domaine Naddef Marsannay White - Village
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  • Vinification : It is in a cellar of the XVIIe century that all the wines of the Field are high out of barrels of oak, selected among the best French forests. The percentage of new barrels varies from one name to another. Only Marsannay Rosé remains out of tank stainless, until the setting in bottles.

  • Vineyards size : 6 hectares

  • Farming : A very precise work in the vineyards. Lutte raisonnée farming, short pruning to control the production, harvest at full maturity, sometimes in several times.

  • History : Philippe started the domaine in 1984 with a very small parcel. He was at the same time working for the Comte de Vogüé. He learned how to bring richness and concentration. Then his domaine developed thanks to heritage and also some vines were given to him because of the quality of his work. He also bought some small plots.

  • The top value of the domaine : Wines have a lot of concentration with strong aromas, typical from Gevrey.

Domaine Naddef