Domaine Pernot Paul Beaune 1er cru Clos des Teurons Rouge - Premier cru
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  • Vinification : The cellar being in Puligny,( high water table) , is not dig down very deep. It is not a very cold cellar, and subject to change of temperature with the seasons. Also with an early winter, alcoholic fermentation and malolactic will be slow, if the summer in early, Paul(S) the first racking is s done in May( for Bourgogne Aligoté/ Bourgogne blanc) to insure the fresh-ness of the wines - Put in stainless cask, the wine has been fine and bottled in July. - Bottling had been done in July .

  • Vineyards size : 22 Hectares

  • Farming : Agriculture raisonnée

  • History : Family estate since 6 generations, and now 3 generations are running the domaine, Paul, his 2 sons Paul and Michel, and his grand child Philippe. One of the largest domaine in Puligny Montrachet started by the family but Paul extended and re planted slowly many vineyards like Clos des Folatieres despite the hard work which had to be done. He said now it will be easier with the new tractors/ machines.

  • The top value of the domaine : If we ask to Paul Pernot what are the important points Farming - Sustainable with a control of production by de-buding - Plowing. No herbicide - Anticipation on sickness and due treatment to have no risk. Too difficult to cure

Domaine Pernot Paul