Domaine Sainte Barbe / Domaine des Chazelles Viré-Clessé « La Perrière » White - Village
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  • Grape : Chardonnay

  • Vineyards size : 12 hectares

  • Farming : Certified organic since the 2006 vintage

  • History : A family domaine built with courage. Thefather was for long considered a pioneer as he wanted Viré to be classified as a cru. Jean-Marie, the son, learned his father's wisdom and love for the great work. He developed the domaine Sainte Barbe, working organic, and moved domaine des Chazelles (his father's) to Organic when he took over the domaine.

  • The top value of the domaine : Old vines worked one by one to adapt to the parcel and needs. Only little clones, so you get the real taste of Chardonnay. The cuvée "Chazelles" is and association of parcels but all with old vineyards located 100% in Viré.

  • A few woods : Un vin naturel, qui exprime les terroirs mais aussi un crémant sans souffre qui se présente superbement même après quelques jours d'ouverture. Natural wines which really show the expression of the Terroir. A very nice Crémant also that remains 24 to 36 months on lattes.

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Domaine Sainte Barbe / Domaine des Chazelles