Domaines Et Saveurs Collection, Hospices de Beaune
  • Vineyards size : 60 hectares

  • History : The sale at auction of the wines of the Hospices de Beaune remains one of the most famous charity events in the world and all wine professionals await this event on the 3rd Sunday of November. Since 2005, the firm of Christie's has been faithfully and actively present alongside the Hospices de Beaune, giving this international event the ringing impact it deserves. True, we are talking about an auction, but we are also talking about culture, for the wine of Burgundy is of paramount importance in French cultural life. Wine from the Hospices de Beaune is Burgundy's earth-blood, for offering to refined, well-informed amateurs : those who know that drinking wine is a way of allowing the history of a piece of land to penetrate one's very being. Buying a barrel of wine frome the Hospices is to merge intimately with this exceptional terroir. As Salvador Dali used to say : "Someone who knows how to taste is no longer just drinking wine, but is tasting secrets". The secret of the wine of the Hospices is Nature's generosity, which offers an unrivalled bower from which may be exhaled a perfume which is unique in the world. But the secret is also the people who, since 15th century, have followed one another, giving it life and providing it with the means to express all its richness and all is soul, in order to deliver up for your expert evalutation a nectar without equal. To acquire a wine from the Hospices is also to make a generous, charitable gift, since the proceeds from the Wine Sale are assigned to the running or the Hospices, according to the wish of its fournder, Chancelor Nicolas Rolin. The sale proceeds are dedicated to the Hospices de Beaune charitable activites : improvement of medical equipment and structures, as well as upkeep of historical monuments such as the world-famous Hôtel-Dieu in Beaune. Besides, since 1945, the Hospices have supported each year one or several other charities, represented by celebrities, by granting these causes the sale profits of a wine barrel "pièce des Présidents".

  • The top value of the domaine : All the wines from the Hospices are raised in new oak barrel; we respect this tradition by keeping the wines for the end of the elevage in their barrel of origin. Consequently, the elevage for these wines are long, between 16 to 18 months.

  • The domaine is now composed of about 60 hectares, with 50 hectares of Pinot Noir, and 10 hectares of Chardonnay. 85% of the vineyards from the domaine is classified in Premier and Grand Cru.