A few growers have the chance to own a single vineyard,  » a monopole »and to try to express  the quality of it. It is a challenge because with no comparaison competition is  » virtual »… But it is so challenge that all is done  » Haute Couture », specially if youtalk  first cru and Grands crus. Some remarquable locations and wines in addition to the famous Romané Conti, La Tache, la Romanée… are be Clos de Tart, Clos de la Perriere, La Grande Rue, the special vineyard Clos du Chateau de la Maltroye planted 50% white, 50% red, … Meeting these owners and wine makers is a special moment, when you associate experience, relation between terroir and vintage, risk to take to optimise quality and complexity( organical farming, plowing….) and all is in a bottle of wine… Not many products could be proud to answer to these caracteristics. And all of them are giving us pleasure and memories… Do it!


It is nice to see the new generation taking over a domaine; 18 HA, with many small vineyards and a lot of appellations becoming the Hope of the Year 2011. Aude and Guillaume are running with talents this historical domaine.

Many nice comments all around the world with the 2 previous vintages were already a sign of the change and of the reognised quality during the blind tasting.

And it is done on details, with a converstion to organical farming sicne several vintages, a hard selection of the grapes when they arrived at the cuverie, an association between wine making, finess, quality of barrels, respect of timing for the wines to become  » ready to be bottled »….  Enjoy and share with your friends

Non classé

If I was,… I don’t know

but I would love all of us happy, healthy… with happy family, friendship, pleasure, love…

Also, I wish my and your  dreams become reality. But we could just be positive, friendly, smily… tolerent, warm, and taking care of the others… It will be great and the world will be better. Be part, and be happy.

We wish you a Merry Christmas.



2011  warm and dry… All the growers express this situation, but the vineyards are in good health. Quite no treatment, the winter work was done nicely, the spring  had to be done quickly and the growers had to work hard . Some bottlings were post pone.  But now, the flower is working nicely (we hope not to get some thunderstorms in the next days), This warm weather being  » exceptional… We could expect an harvest around the 25th of August/ 1st of September… up to the next 2 months.


Yes, they invested on many ways:oak, barrels, wine-maker, details, the  farming in  vineyards, But we could see the quality increasing on the past 2 years… and with the 2009, they just got the Gold medal for their Bouzeron ( 100% aligoté),for the Rully white,and a silver for their red rully. Bravo! and their success is also recognised with Decanter One bronze medal, and 2 silver medals…. Opportunity for the good distributors to develop a new domaine. Let me know, Jeanne Marie


Yes, Chateau Couronneau is coming often on my list, but he got 2 gold medals at the Concours d’Aquitaine, and one silver medal… Thanks Christophe and Benedicte for your meticulous work!
And he is organic, cetified ecocert since 2000… and one of the most chateaux having médals….  be courageoux, buy…


We will be happy to see you in our booth.  W e will have a range of excellent Burgundy wines, to show terroirs, and the various recent vintages let us know. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday some of our  growers who will be visiting , and you could meet them( on appointment only)

See you


Nice to have a great vintage. The red Pinot Noir will be rich, complex and they have a sweetness which is giving a friendly style to the aromas and tastes, and many wines will be enjoyable on  » first aromas »… If you will be patient, you will have sthe revelation of the complexity of Burgundy, long, elegant, rich but so well with you meals… The white are also complex, rich and could be drink young…. Share


A new restaurant Rouge Blanc ( 48 mac Dougal street) is giving a nice atmosphere( french from Saïgon, friendly, warm,) and a very interesting association of ingredients, cooked by a with a young chef. He is looking for the fresh market and associate taste, color, and a lot of great and interesting savour ( a lot of different spices reveal the compelexity of each dish. I got for the first time  » watermelon radish »( interesting combination as salad…  The  owner Tom Cregan , knows very well wines, he has  an interesting wine list,  original, at a reasonable prices. Go, and enjoy your relax , original( but not crazy food).


Just a revolution,… Since 1949 the famous label of the Château, which is so classic and distinctive for red wines, has been changed for a modern label done with autorisation of Toroni, one of the most famous modern artist…

Each wine will have his colour, following the wines, a light pink for the Bourgogne Pinot Noir is a contrast with the other colours for villages and first crus.  I am sure the young generation will enjoy… And good news, due to the quality, the red wines have just been bottled, full of fruit, association of red aromas with the limestone of Chassagne Montrachet( 50% of the appellation is Pinot noir planted!)…. Have a look in the stores in a few weeks.

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It is our first experience on this new blog, and we, specially Victoria have been working with professionals (ASK Paris) to try to answer to all what an importer, a retailer could need to answer to his own customers. We will try to share what we believe since 1983, and which we express with Domaines et Saveurs Collection, Jeanne Marie de Champs since 1994. If a wine looks like a bottle, on the back of this glass there are many important details.

  • - A year of work in vineyard (plowing, you don’t use herbicide, pruning, shaving… ),
  • - A lot of risk (weather, snow, hale, storms, spiders, worms..)
  • - A harvest, a challenging period when grapes associated a quality with THE weather which we cannot control…
    And if we consider that France is doing wine since many centuries, it is nice to see the adaptation of the “farmers-growers” to new technics, including when it is a come back to old tradition. We believe in native yeasts, important to express the “terroir”.
  • - The elevage is a personal intelligence of the grower between his vineyards and what mother- nature gave him each vintage. Bravo to all of them to learn so many details on their lands and soil and weather.
  • - Thanks to our importers, their sell forces to pass the message to their customers, retailers and restaurants who are the relay to consumers. Not easy in a world of standard to marketing based on huge number of cases which is the opposition with the limit of a clos or of a cru specially in Burgundy, Beaujolais, Alsace…
  • - Thanks to the Press and the Critics: we love and hate you on the meantime. But you are a richness of information
  • - Thanks to chefs who do wine dinners to educate their customers and get some food and wine paring challenge.
  • - Our services; sells, but also insure the best delivery, help on each country and each market, share all our passion to whom could understand, but also buy it…which is not necessary only the highest prices. There are good values wines which are perfect.
  • - We will hope you will get what you will need and of course we will be there to help you .
  • - Welcome, and good luck. Hoping the share a nice moment with you around a glass of wine with moderation where you will be. In Beaune, Bienvenue.


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